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How to Get Help at AmeriGas

With over 8,000 employees nationwide and nearly 900 office locations throughout the U.S., there are a lot of different ways for an AmeriGas customer to get help with service issues or get answers to billing questions.  But before even getting to those type of questions, every customer should know how to get emergency assistance from AmeriGas.  Customer safety is our number one priority, from equipment lockouts to leak checks.  Should you ever encounter an emergency situation during normal operating hours, you should contact your local AmeriGas office. If the local office is closed, your emergency call will be automatically forwarded to our national emergency call center. 

The Helpful People at AmeriGas

When you call your local office either to setup new service or resolve billing questions, most likely the first person you’ll talk with is one of our Customer Relationship Representatives.  These folks, who are typically called C.R.R.’s from the acronym of their title, are your best resource when it comes to navigating the system we use to manage your account and billing or to schedule a delivery or service technician to come on-site.  In many cases, they’ll also be the one who sets up your account, but in others, they may refer new customers to an Account Manager.  The A.M.’s (we really do love our acronyms at AmeriGas) help perform on-site consultations and evaluations as well as provide custom information on pricing and payment plans.  In situations where the C.R.R. can’t resolve a customer’s question immediately, they will escalate the problem to an Operations Supervisor in the office or to a District Manager who oversees multiple offices in an area.  Then working together as a team with our Delivery Drivers and other employees, they’ll do everything they can to make sure you are satisfied.

Useful Resources

To go along with all of the helpful people in our offices, we’ve tried to provide some useful information on our website and other ways to get in touch with us.  Here are a few to be familiar with:

  • AmeriGas Location Finder – this tool on our website allows you to type in your zip code and get the office location and phone nearest to you.
  • Online Billing – customers who sign up for online billing using this system can review past invoices or pay bills directly online.
  • Contact Form – the contact form at provides a quick and convenient way for current customers or people wishing to setup new service to send a short note to us.  The system will immediately route your message either to a local C.R.R. (last acronym, promise!) or your Account Manager who strive to get back to you within 48 hours.
  • Facebook and Twitter – We are also available at or @AmeriGas for our customers and our Social Media team will do their best to respond or guide you to other resources as fast as possible.
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