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AmeriGas Vehicle Miles = 171 Trips to the Moon!

AmeriGas has quite an impressive fleet, comprised of  trailers and tractors, railroad tank cars and rack trucks, bobtails, service and delivery trucks. Check out these impressive stats from the AmeriGas 2012 Annual Report:

Let’s not forget about the tanks themselves! AmeriGas owns approximately 1.5 million stationary storage tanks with capacities of more than 120 gallons, and 4.6 million portable propane cylinders with capacities of 1 to 120 gallons. (One of these tanks currently resides at my home. Did you miss that blog? Check out Propane Tank Installation: A Live Blog.) 

In fact, AmeriGas has more than double the number of bobtails than our next largest competitor.  While we’re on this topic, if you’ve ever thought about what it might be like to drive a bobtail, check out this interview we did with Teri, one of our drivers.

AmeriGas Bobtail Driver

AmeriGas bobtail driver Teri Parker

Let’s get back to some fun with numbers! In 2012, AmeriGas vehicles drove 40,918,987 miles. Let that really sink in – AmeriGas vehicles drove nearly 41 million miles in 2012. How far is 40,918,987 miles? Let’s look at the numbers: 

14,734: The number of times AmeriGas vehicles could have made the 2,777 mile cross-country treck from New York to Los Angeles.

1,643: The number of times we could have driven around the Earth (the circumference at the Earth’s equator is 24,902 miles)

171: The number of trips AmeriGas could have made to the moon  

Make sure to give a friendly wave the next time you see an AmeriGas driver – because now you know they have a long, long way to go!

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