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Random Acts of Kindness: AmeriGas Sacramento Donates Propane Cylinders

Have you heard about the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) movement going on? It’s been around for a long time, but with the recent tragic events in Connecticut, more and more people are participating. These RAKs can be large or small and just about anything. Personally, I’ve been doing RAKs both large and small for quite some time and I can testify to how great it makes you feel to help others.

AmeriGas Sacramento donates propane cylinders

 I’ve recently learned about a great story of generosity out of the AmeriGas Sacramento, CA office. Here’s the story, as told by Melissa, a Customer Relations Representative at the Sacramento office:

I got a call from a gentleman named Rick a couple weeks ago. He is with an organization called Yellow Ribbon America. Rick– who has spent 24 years in duty for the United States Army National Guard – has participated in the annual Arden Fair Mall Toy Drive for Yellow Ribbon America for nine years. He called and asked if there was any way we could offer AmeriGas propane cylinders at a discounted rate or maybe donate one or two to the drive since these expenses are paid by him personally each year. He uses about 2 bottles a day in outdoor heaters to help heat the people coming by to donate. The drive is running from December 12 through December 24. I told Rick we would see what we could do and that we would stop by the drive on opening day.  

I brought this to our District Manager, Randy’s, attention and he asked “how many do you think they would need to heat the whole drive?” I said 24. Randy’s response was donate every one of them to the cause. So, on December 12 at noon, myself and driver Adam drove to the Arden Fair Mall in an AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange truck and surprised Rick with a delivery of 24 free cylinders.

When Adam and I pulled in with the truck, Rick was being interviewed by the news and he stopped and told the cameras “here is AmeriGas coming to help us out with heating the drive!” We parked the truck and Santa hopped inside for photos. Then we got to tell him that we are donating 24 bottles to heat the entire drive and he thanked AmeriGas for their compassion and thanked us for the Christmas miracle.

Thank you to Melissa, Randy, Adam and everyone else at the Sacramento office who helped to perform this wonderful donation and Random Act of Kindness!

More about Random Acts of Kindness

What RAKs have you done? Leave a comment below with your stories! Looking for more ways you can get involved with RAKs? Here are a few sites to help give you ideas, inspiration and motivation:

More about  Yellow Ribbon America

The mission of Yellow Ribbon America is to unite America in giving direct help and support to our nation’s military and their families in their local communities. They provide the national framework to organize America’s cities and towns, to deliver immediate and direct support to our numerous deployed, at home military personnel, their families and our Troops returning home.

The Yellow Ribbon symbolizes our commitment to honoring America’s Military who are proudly serving around the globe, their families, those who are missing in action, and those who have fallen.

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  1. Posted March 10, 2016 at 8:41 am | Permalink

    It is a very good act done by AmeriGas Sacramento. We all need to do some act of kindness.

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