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Hot Tips for Picking a Tailgating Grill

If you’re going to a sporting event or concert, a great way to enjoy the friends and family around you before the festivities begin is TAILGATING!

Could a new grill spice up your tailgating season? If soggy sandwiches are not making the cut, maybe you need some sizzled pre-game burgers and dogs. Consider these features to pick the right grill for you!


Figure out which of the new features would enhance your cookout, including removable racks, heat diffusers, grease catchers, removable pans, push-button lighters, storage cabinets, double-layered hoods for heat retention, smoker/ovens, burner/broiler/fryer levels and built-on work tables.


For a tailgating grill that goes wherever you do, look for a lightweight model that you can fold into a portable, easy-to-manage shape/size. You can also look for one you can break down into transportable pieces.

Durable Construction

Many tailgating grills come with guarantees on parts and workmanship. Think about how the grill’s design will hold up when it’s riding in the back of your SUV or being rolled around parking lots. Look for quality welding, construction, sturdy hinges, and well-mounted latches.

Now that you know what to look for, head over to your closest Home Depot to grab your grill and AmeriGas propane. Once you make your parking lot debut, be sure to snap some pictures and upload them to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #AmeriGasGrillMaster to show off your skills!

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