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The All AmeriGas Home

AmeriGas provides consumer propane services to more than one million people just like you, including: propane home heating, propane water heating, and propane for drying clothes. Tour our propane home to experience all the dynamic uses for AmeriGas Propane.

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Tax Time Reminders – Credits for Propane Forklift Users

With Tax Day just around the corner, that is to say April 15 when personal income tax returns are due to the IRS, it seems timely to remind everyone about some of the tax credit and incentives for forklift operators.  …

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Tax Incentives for Propane Autogas

The alternative fuel infrastructure tax credit for alternative fuel refueling facilities is available through December 31, 2011 to businesses and fueling station owners who install qualifying equipment, including propane tanks and dispensers.  This federal credit provides 30% of the refueling …

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PERC Offers Free Training Courses

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is providing architects, re-modelers and other construction professionals with free and easy to take education courses. And even better – these courses are American Institute of Architects (AIA), National Association of Home Builders …

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The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Did you know that your hot water heater is the second highest energy using appliance in your home?  A standard 50-gallon electric water heater will cost about $520 per year at 10.6¢ per kWh.  If you live in the northeast …

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Earn XTRA Referral Rewards with AmeriGas

Did your friends and family have a rough winter? Are they unhappy with the service they received from their current propane provider? Great news – if you are a current AmeriGas customer and refer a new customer to AmeriGas, you …

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All About AmeriGas

Since we are new to the blogging atmosphere, we thought we’d take a moment and give you some general information about AmeriGas, how to get in touch with us and how our operations work. When should I call my AmeriGas …

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Warranties and Aftermarket Alternative Fuel Systems

Alternative fuel technology is growing at leaps and bounds throughout the United States as the result of state and federal incentives to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  When looking into alternative fueling systems, it is critical to use an …

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Where Does Propane Come From?

Propane is separated from crude oil during the refining process and also extracted from natural gas or oil wellhead gas at processing plants.  Propane is normally transported and stored in a liquid state under moderate pressure or refrigeration for economy …

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Last-Minute Winter Reminder

In just a few weeks, we will all have spring fever! Flowers will begin to bloom, temperatures will rise and grills will get fired up. Though winter is winding down, much of our country is still experiencing severe winter weather, …

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